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Director's Message



Hello Friends! It is our pleasure to have you with us and thank you for your precious time for knowing more about the Budding Angels Public School. 

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Budding Angels Public School was initiated with an intention to cater to the mid and lower segment of our population. It is just not an initiative to educate children about how to read and write and make a living out of it, any school being a school would do for their students. How are we any different then?

Budding Angels Public School stems from the idea to prepare this population with those skill-sets that are core critical for the India and the world of tomorrow. Over the last two decades we have seen the advent of smart technologies making way into our lives and India has moved from being an agrarian economy to a digitally enabled economy, which is the way to go in future as well.

With this thought coming to my mind, there are various questions that come up in front of us to think and judge our preparedness for it? These questions are relevant for all the stakeholders who are somehow connected in the complete picture of India but will have different connotations for all of us. Here all of us would include students, teachers, parents, schools, colleges, universities, governments, regulators, industries, etc. To start with some pertinent questions that come to my mind are:

  • How relevant is the present school education with the requirements of industry in the present times?

  • What are the challenges for school education in post COVID19 environment?

  • Does our education system is keeping pace with the changing world and its requirements in near future?

  • Are we really willing to accept the change?

And many more compelling questions that we all need to answer in order to render this world a better place for the coming generations.

In Budding Angels, we are trying to find the answers to these questions that many of us tend to ignore and we go by our traditional ways. It is time for us, to self introspect and to get rid of our ignorance.  If you are a concerned parent worried about your child’s future and if at all it makes some sense to you, then Budding Angels is your first step in this direction. Come and experience the school of tomorrow.


Welcome to Budding Angels Public School!

Thanks and Regards,



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Budding Angels Team

Priya Shrivastava.jpeg

Ms. Priya Shrivastava


Our Teachers

Meena Dixit_edited.jpg

Ms. Meena Dixit

Gauri Singh_edited.jpg

Ms. Gauri Singh

M Mani.jpeg

Ms. M Mani


Ms. Poonam Singh

Nimrat Kaur.jpeg

Ms. Nimrat Kaur

Vandana Pandey (1)_edited.jpg

Ms. Vandana Pandey

Nutan Thakur

Ms. Nutan Thakur

Neelima Nishad.jpeg

Ms. Neelima Nishad

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