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Swami Vivekananda once said,” A nation is advanced in proportion to education and intelligence spread among the masses.”

Budding Angels Society has always strived to provide par quality education for all, irrespective of religion, caste, creed, gender, socio-economic background of a child. The society initiated ‘Protsahan’: The Under-Privileged Student’s Education Sponsorship Programme in the year 2019 under its flagship school, ‘Budding Angels Public School.’ The year saw 7 under-privileged students getting education sponsorship under Protsahan  initiative during the academic year 2019-20. Under the Protsahan initiative we are presently supporting three students under One child One sponsor scheme. The society intends to support more such students under the programme who are either left out by some reason under the Right to Education Act of Government of India which supports students coming from the below poverty line families. 


We at Budding Angels have a firm belief that if we want these underprivileged kids to realize their dream to be educated one day will only be possible if you come forward in support of them. We are working on a child to a sponsor model so as to accomplish this mission of education. Under the Programme we provide complete support to help them. This includes the school fees, books, stationeries, school uniforms, bags as a part of the student education programme.


The society makes a general appeal to like minded people who would like lend their support to the cause. Your hands of encouragement will pave the way for the difference we intend to bring in their lives. Please come forward to sponsor a child's education who is otherwise in all its likelihood turn out to be a school dropout if we don't lend our hands to them. The society is doing its level best to provide the best of amenities to these needy students through Budding Angels Public School but will not be able to support them over longer stretch of time in the absence of funds to back them in accomplishing their education.  We urge you to come forward and sponsor a child's education.

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Class V

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Class II

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Class I


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Ever since COVID 19 spread across India, it has not been at ease even for a day. Every day brought about some or the other bad news from various parts of the country. Today India is having the highest number of COVID related casualties only next to the USA which reported highest number of them so far. India has over 30 million reported cases of Corona Virus so far and death toll of over 396 thousand as of today. It has also led to highest number of kids turning orphans during this period of the pandemic. According to National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) report to Hon. Supreme Court, as many as 30071 children lost one or both their parents or have been abandoned mostly due to COVID 19 between 1st April, 2020 and 5th June, 2021 as per the data submitted by various states. Maharashtra reported the highest number at 7084 children being affected due to the pandemic. The Top nine states account for over 80% of children affected so far.

The society provides school education to the kids of middle and lower middle-class including the economically weaker segment of our population. Under ‘Vidyadaan,’ we intend to provide education to the kids who were orphaned during the COVID19 pandemic or the kids from the families who have lost their family’s bread winner or a child abandoned due to COVID 19 pandemic. Our mission to provide level playing field of opportunities in education and employability has guided us to come forward to the rehabilitation of these children who needs to be protected in these turbulent times and needs to be nurtured so that they can have a brighter future ahead like any other child.


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Class I

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Class V




The gender inequality in school education is still a blatant issue that is widely prevalent across India. According to the 2011 census data: -

Only 65% girls could read and write as compared to boys which stood at 82%. Although, the gross enrollment rate of girls has increased by 10% according to government data for the year 2019 but still it has long way to go to match up with the boys. 

According to the UNICEF, the are two major reasons for gender inequality in school education in India:

  • Poverty and local cultural practices are one of the major issues that is affecting the education of a girl child in India;

  • Lack of proper sanitation for girls in the schools is another major factor that is obstructing the girl child education in the country.

Considering the grim situation of girl child education, we are on a mission to promote girl child education at our school. The school is supporting two girl child under Muskaan Education Sponsorships.

Education Sponsorships Over the Years


How can I support them?

There are three ways in which one can sponsor an under-privileged child under Protsahan and Muskaan education sponsorship:-

  1. A child and a sponsor under which an under-privileged student is mapped to a sponsor for education sponsorship as this ensures continuity of education of a child.

  2. Sponsor a child's school fee: This can be paid either monthly or lumpsum annually.

  3. Sponsor a child's school essentials (like books, bag, stationeries, uniforms, etc.): This can be paid as lumpsum.

  4. Sponsor a girl child education under Muskaan Education Sponsorship.

  5. Sponsor a child education sponsorship under Vidyadaan for kids who are either orphan or lost the bread-winner of the family during COVID 19 pandemic.

Other forms of donation:

  1. General charity to the society: The sponsor are also welcome to make generous charity to the society so that it can spend on other welfare means in the school premises such as science and computer labs, library books, digitization initiatives, etc.

  2. CSR funds for school education: The corporate who wish to support school education initiatives for economically weaker segment may please come forward to support them and strengthen our mission to educate all irrespective of their backgrounds.


To know more or to sponsor a child, please call us on +91 98 939 10202 or write to us on

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