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Educational Philosophy

Budding Angels Public School is bridging the gaps of inequality in school education in India, by providing a school infrastructure which is in-sync with the future careers. With this motto, we are delivering public school education in an affordable and accessible manner for the kids of mid to lower income population in the area surrounding the school.

Through our 360 degree developmental curriculum, we are working in our mission to educate the students, as well as to develop their competencies that matches with the future career needs in the years to come. As we are moving towards high levels of digital enablement in all the walks of life, it is imperative that the school education also keeps pace with the changing times. Along with the text book education, digital education and the skilling labs are going to be the mainstays of our education system being followed in our schools. Besides, students will also be given specific life skills (like public speaking, team skills, analytical skills, etc.) that will add to their demeanor and increase their chances of employability when they grow-up. The entire process is highly robust and will be focusing on the following framework to develop our students:-

Classroom Education

The ability of the student to read and write with thorough understanding of things happening all around and to know more about them, to question, to find answers and to build their personal IQ in the whole quest for knowledge.

Applied Education

We believe in applied education as it will give our students a better sense of things and to build their understanding of how the real world works and what they ought to know and develop for their personal upliftment.

Digital Skills

Having the knowhow of digital world around and how to develop their personal careers with such digital accomplishments. Today's students are already exposed to various gadgets but helping them better navigate into it is something that we are focusing on. 

Personal Skills

It is all about right skilling and shaping the individual persona of a student and to direct them towards the best career choices on the basis of their personal aptitude and purpose of life.

Critical Thinking

To critically examine things and to decide for oneself what is right and what is not. The ability of our students to question things for a better perspective and clear thought process and decision making ability will be our endeavour.

Physical Education

A healthy body will have a healthy mind. Today, kids are more prone to gadget addictions. Having them involved into sports and games will save them from the digital slavery and to be a normal human being.

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