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“To create digitally enabled smart schools for the kids of lower income population and to empower them with the education for the world of tomorrow.”


  • To make quality education available and affordable to the broader masses across India;

  • To educate and enable Indian kids for the world of tomorrow;

  • To identify and educate students based on their personality traits, personal aptitude, career opportunities, future career trends;

  • To skill them for the jobs of future or to start there-own businesses;

  • To leverage technology to better the lives of students and encourage analytical development of the students;

  • To irradicate poverty and uplifting standard of living of broader masses, i.e., the middle and lower middle class including the economically weaker section of our society;

  • Developing India to be the human capital of the world.

Budding Angels Society was incorporated on 4th April, 2018 under Society Registration Act, 1973 with a vision to provide public school education for the kids of middle and lower middle class families including the kids of Economic Weaker Section (EWS or the Below Poverty Line population) which is about 22% of the total population of our country. It aims to bridge the gaps of inequalities in education and income levels which is widely prevalent among the various sections of Indian population and its regions.

In the process of fulfilling the dreams and aspirations of this vast population, Budding Angels Society is committed to establish schools across the country to meet the blatant education need of this progressive nation. India which is home to every 6th human on the planet (Population of India: Over 1.35 Billion) and it is also one of the youngest country in the world and has a median age of the population at 28 years. The school going population of India being about 500 million is among the highest in the world.

India which is often referred as a sub-continent and has a diverse and vibrant cultural heritage which is off-late being acknowledged by the world. Be it Indians IT prowess, Yoga, 'Sanskrit' as the machine language for computers, inclusion of 'zero' in the number system, and many more noteworthy contributions in the progress of the world of today that we live in.

The society since its inception is committed to this purpose and wishes to eradicate the socio-economic divide that is one of the major road- blocks in the overall development of this country. Through its maiden initiative 'Budding Angels Public School' it is addressing the twin challenges of 'affordability' and 'accessibility' of good quality future oriented school education for this segment of population which is otherwise being devoid of it since India's independence in the year 1947. 

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